Wongo Show

We have an alter-ego! Our “Wongo” show is an exciting and innovative entertainment for a holiday party, corporate event, senior living center holiday show, or your event that needs some whimsy and entertaining humor!

We have appeared as the “Wongo” dancers at science fiction conventions, Halloween parties, and by special request at oriental dance shows. We wear costumes that are works of art, and perform dance inspired by ethnic fusion and alternative music.


Photo Courtesy John Larson

On October 26, 2013 we appeared in our beautiful costumes, with faces painted, as “The Wild Women of Wongo” at Pied Peacock Productions’ Halloween Show at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.  We had a fantastic time.

Here’s a review of our performance as “The Wild Women of Wongo” at the Spooktacular Evening Halloween Gala, produced by Halima:

“I loved the wild abandon and pure contagious joy they had stomping and shaking their rattles and spears at the heavens. Each wild woman was an individual in the color of her animal print dress and accessories made of leather, fur, feathers, teeth and beads of wood, nuts and stones. Their faces were painted in happy colors and patterns. They reminded me of the Lost Boys of Never-Never Land. I bet they had great fun creating and sharing this dance.” –Jareeda Magazine, November/December 2008

The Wild Women of Wongo