At the Crossroads Ethnic Festival in 2018. Photo: Shahrazad Ensemble



Shahrazad Dance Ensemble is available for parties, weddings, festivals, corporate events, and shows. Our performance can be customized to fit your space and your budget. Please contact us!


Coming Performances:

  • Saturday, October 27: We will perform at the Halloween Hafla (dance showcase) at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. The showcase starts at 2:00 pm. We don’t know our performance time yet: watch this space or our Facebook page for more news. We are reviving a dance from our repertoire, Nocturnal Cats.
  • Memorial Day weekend 2019: Watch for news of when we may perform at the Northwest Folklife Festival at Seattle Center.

Past Performances

  • August 5: We performed at the Shimmy, Shake & Save Animal Benefit and Bellydance Festival in Kent, WA, produced by Saqra.
  • July 24: we performed a 30 minute show at a Seattle senior living facility. We love to perform for seniors!
  • July 21: We performed at Hasani’sRaq the Harbor Hafla” in Gig Harbor, Washington.
  • May 27: We performed in the Arabic, Persian and Central Asian Dance Showcase at the 47th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival.
  • May 19: We performed at the Springtide Showcase at Third Place Commons at  Lake Forest Park.
  • May 5: We performed at the “1001 Nights – Tales of the Middle East” epic storytelling event produced by the Seattle Storytellers Guild.
  • April 29: We performed at King County Library Burien in the World Dance Party. We demonstrated khalegy (Gulf) dance, and then taught some movements and danced with new friends!
  • March 11: We performed at the Cultural Crossroads Festival in Bellevue, WA.
  • February 10: We performed at Hasani’s Hafla in Tacoma, WA.
  • January 27: We performed Gulf dance and Egyptian folkloric dance at Seattle University International Student’s Dinner.
  • Jan. 20, 2018: We performed at Katrina Ji’s Culture Shakti Studio 10th Anniversary hafla.
  • We performed dances from Egypt at a Senior Living Center in Mill Creek and in the Northgate area on Thursday, October 16, as part of their cultural programming.
  • We performed at the Halloween Hafla at Lake Forest Park Third Place Commons, on Oct. 28.
  • July 16: It was the 30th and FINAL Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, a West Seattle festival for belly dancers. We presented the final performance of our 30 appearances at “MedFest” with two dances from our classic repertoire and our new Saidi cane dance.
  • July 15: We performed Gulf, Egyptian folkloric, and North African dances at the Arab Festival at Seattle Center.