Links to organizations that support or promote folkloric dance, teachers in our area, and dancers who are significant in the history of Shahrazad Dance Ensemble.

The Babylonian Ensemble – old friends of the Seattle dance community, and stalwart producers of the longest running belly dance festival in Seattle, the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, which is no longer held.

Belly Dancing with Delilah,

Jareeda Magazine – Jareeda was an International Middle Eastern Dance Magazine published by Mezdulene. Jareeda means “newspaper” in Arabic. Jareeda is no longer available, but she has collected a number of articles into books that can be purchased through Amazon. Here’s a review of “Jareeda: The Soul of Bellydance.” “This book contains a wealth of information by knowledgeable dancers with a long history of experience and research in this art form. The cultural and accurate representation of the origins and regions of the various types of Middle Eastern Dance make for an interesting read, along with the addition of wonderful photographs, including traditional costuming, and the now vintage 70s American costuming.

The Gilded Serpent – an online resource in magazine format that seeks to become a freely available library of knowledge supported by and for our music and dance community.

Hasani’s Emporium – Teacher, vendor, fantastic dancer, and producer of a quarterly “Hasani’s Hafla” and the annual Raq the Harbor Hafla – based in Gig Harbor, WA

Kay Hardy Campbell – Writer, lecturer, Middle East specialist and dance ethnologist. Are you looking for a thobe, the long embroidered dress in which Gulf dance is usually performed? Campbell sells the most beautiful thobs we have seen so far. Members of Shahrazad Ensemble own four beautiful thobs purchased from Cambell.

Laurel Victoria Gray – Central Asian, Arabic and Persian Dance Arts in Washington DC and a former member of Shahrazad Dance Ensemble. Artistic Director of Silk Road Dance Company.

Mas Uda – Olympia, WA -area dance troupe with artistic director Kashani; sponsor of annual benefit show.

MB Orchestra – a Seattle-based 5 piece family group that covers music from Ancient Egypt all the way to today’s middle eastern pop and dance music all orchestrated with a modern groovy flavor.

Mirabai – With over two decades of experience as an artist and entertainer, Mirabai adds heart and soul and a bit of sass to events.

Mish Mish – Director of Karavans Dance Troupe. She retired as a teacher after many years of teaching many Seattle dancers the basics of folkloric dances of the Middle East.

Northwest Folklife Festival

Saqra – performer, teacher and producer in Kent, WA

Tamalyn Dallal – Internationally acclaimed Middle Eastern Dancer, Teacher, Author and Producer (and a former member of Shahrazad Dance Ensemble.)

The Best of Habibi – We all subscribed to the journal Habibi-A Journal for Lovers of Middle Eastern Dance & Arts when it was published by Shareen al Safy. In this digital archive, find articles about the roots of this dance written by dance ethnologists, about dance technique, and profiles of notable dancers.

Zaphara – a master performer and instructor with Greek heritage,based in Seattle,

Zulaika – a Seattle/Bellevue area dancer whose performances, classes and educational programs open doors to cultural understanding through the rich heritage of Arabic arts.