Photo: Shannon O'Malley

Photo: Shannon O’Malley

Inzar, artistic director of Shahrazad Dance Ensemble of Seattle, is a dancer, costumer, artist, musician and singer.

She has studied Flamenco and folkloric Middle Eastern dance styles and led the troupe in developing a folkloric repertoire featuring dance from the Levant, Egypt, Persia, Turkey and North Africa. As originator of our alternative dance troupe, “The Wild Women of Wongo” (a name borrowed from the title of a 1950’s B-grade science fiction movie) Inzar taught the troupe members new dance skills and created fusion dances that use props such as rattles and bones, and dances inspired by the movements of cats and snakes (the snakes are stuffed, not real.)

When not designing dances and costumes for Shahrazad Dance Ensemble, Inzar creates artwork, designs and builds gardens, serves as a panelist at science fiction conventions, and writes stories. During the pandemic, she has made numerous cloth facemasks for family and friends, and grows vegetables.