About the Troupe

Shahrazad Dance Ensemble at Raq the Harbor Hafla, July 2018, capture from video.

We wore our summery, aquatic-color outfits for Hasani’sRaq the Harbor Hafla” on Saturday, July 21.

Our next performance is at the Halloween Hafla (dance showcase) at Third Place Commons at Lake Forest Park Shopping Center on October 27. Come see us!

Your event can be enlivened by a performance of lively folkloric dances from cultures of the Middle East, American belly dance, or innovative fusion dances. Shahrazad Ensemble’s grace, skill and sheer joy in the dance never fails to charm an audience.

Shahrazad Dance Ensemble performs folkloric dances from countries of the Middle Eastern, based on dance of the Levant, Egypt, North Africa, Turkey and the Persian Gulf. We also perform modern Egyptian and American Belly Dance, and imaginative and entertaining choreography to fusion music.

Shahrazad Dance Ensemble is one of Seattle’s premier performing troupes. The troupe has appeared at dance shows throughout the Pacific Northwest: numerous appearances at: Northwest Folklife Festival; all of the Arab Festivals held at Seattle Center; TurkFest at Seattle Center; the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI); Rustycon, Norwescon and Westercon science fiction conventions.